• Event planning, organisation, coordination

    Wedding planning is a long and tiresome process, and if knowledge of event planning and available time are lacking, the big day can turn into a boiling pot of mix-ups. To prevent that from happening, the planning, organisation and coordination of the wedding day can be entrusted to us - a team with over a decade of experience organising celebrations. “White Queen” knows what’s needed for a perfect celebration. All you’ll be left to do is relax and smile!

  • Organisation of a wild hen party in Spain

    You’re planning a hen party, but most of Your ideas don’t seem attractive or original? Gift this special celebration to your sister or best friend. We invite you to celebrate wildly in Spain, Barcelona. We’ll plan everything for you - order the flight tickets, transportation and accomodation services, we’ll introduce you to the country, plan activities and will do our best to make sure this celebration will be remembered for a long time. You’ll just have to pick a date, and give us a tip or two about which activities you love, or which ones You’ve been craving to try out for a long time.

  • Weddings Abroad

    Many dream of original weddings without worry, and would love to say their final “YES” to their chosen one on the seashore or the highest peak. If rotund two-day Lithuanian weddings don’t appeal to you, we will help organise the wedding ceremony abroad from A to Z: we will decorate the festivity space, take care of the flowers, decorations and live music, organise a festive lunch, a photoshoot, attractions, etc. We can also offer a special “two-in-one”: organise a wedding ceremony and honeymoon.


"We are so thankful to "White Queen" for their expertise, kindness, and attention to detail that allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding day to the fullest!”

Alice and Thomas

Event moments